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Concentration Coordinator Guidelines
A cohort in the Doctor of Ministry program is a group of Andrews DMin participants with a common interest in a specific program concentration who move through the program together. The concentration coordinator facilitates the commitment of the participants to the cohort group and works to satisfy the needs of the group by carrying out the following responsibilities.

The Andrews Doctor of Ministry program experiences shared leadership. The director is available to consult and assist a coordinator and will help accomplish the following responsibilities. The director will endeavor to monitor progress and provide coaching as needed. The coordinator will also be assisted by the program staff in carrying out the responsibilities and should feel free to seek their help.
Concentration coordinators should acquaint themselves with the program policies contained in the online handbook and ensure that program policies are followed.
  1. Assist the Director in preparing a cohort proposal for each new cohort launch in the concentration. This will include the selection of lead teachers for the content classes. See the DMin Master Schedule for details.
  2. Phone calls are made by the DMin office to interested persons. One such call to all interested persons should be made by the coordinator three months before the first intensive. Contact the DMin office for contact information.
  3. Communicate with all lead teachers to ensure expectations and needs are met.
  4. Attend at least one intensive for at least 2-3 days each year to support and encourage the cohort participants.
  5. Serve as an advisor and/or second reader for at least 1-2 participants in the concentration.
  6. Communicate periodically with the cohort members to encourage progress and provide an opportunity for them to respond with questions.
  7. Grade the annual Ministry Development Plan and Context Support Group assignments each of the four years of classes. Work with the appropriate lead teachers on this.
  8. Attend the annual Andrews Doctor of Ministry Conference. Orientation to coordinator responsibilities and adjustments to the responsibilities are a part of the agenda of that conference. Also attend three annual virtual meetings of the coordinators.
Concentration coordinators are given an annual stipend ($1,025.00 for 2021) in appreciation for their service and commitment to the DMin participants.
Cohorts are an expression of the DMin program and are administered within the procedures of the program.
A coordinator should carry out the above responsibilities within the practices of the program using guidelines and published materials for communication as far as possible. If unique provisions are needed outside of published guidelines, courses, faculty, or schedules, the coordinator should communicate with the program director in preparation for consideration by the DMin Committee.
Revised 05/10/2022
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