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The Doctor of Ministry degree is a 32-credit program generally taken in 8 credits per year. Payments are to be made to Andrews University in accordance with one of the University's payments options.



Tuition and fees for the current academic year
Estimates of associated expenses


Student Financial Plans


Policies have been formed that make the Doctor of Ministry degree at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary affordable for pastors and other church leaders.

Two distinct financial plans exist. You will fit into one of these plans.


I. North American Division Cohorts


Participants in North American Division cohorts are given a 56% discount from current Andrews tuition rates. Students take 8 credits per year for four years.


The cost per credit after the discount is often split three ways; the student pays a third, the conference a third, the union a third. Due to quotas established by unions or conferences, the assistance may not be available. Check with your employing organization. The amount of support may vary. The tuition is charged on an as-you-go, per-credit basis and is spread over the first four years. Students generally take five years to complete the 32-credit program; it must be completed in 6 years.


Andrews will always regard the participant as responsible for monitoring and keeping their account current. The cost of application and continuation fees, and books may or may not be included in your particular conference sponsorship. Travel may be reimbursed at full cost or a portion of the cost.

Prospective doctoral students should communicate with their ministerial director or conference administration for information about the local conference policy and request tuition sponsorship.

II. A Cohort Outside North America


The second plan is for persons in a cohort organized in a territory outside of the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Financial arrangements are formed between the Doctor of Ministry office and the hosting church division. Participants in such a cohort have subsidized tuition or a small tuition charge administered by the host division. Assistance with books, travel, and other expenses vary.

If you are in such a cohort, the Doctor of Ministry Committee will assign a group coordinator who will handle your financial plan details. You will generally not process any financial matters with the University on your own. The group coordinator will communicate with you and the Doctor of Ministry office. The Doctor of Ministry office will handle the communication for your group with the Office of Student Finance.

Participants in such groups outside of the territory of the North American Division are considered to be Andrews students. They will complete the Andrews application process and make satisfactory arrangements/payments regarding incidental expenses incurred during the education process with the assistance of their coordinator.


General Information


Andrews University establishes the fees for all graduate programs. The University will ask students to present a balanced financial plan before acceptance. Doctor of Ministry students should read the Student Financial Plans guideline for the DMin Program and the financial policy section of the Andrews University Bulletin carefully. Payment plans are described in the Andrews University Bulletin.

The first expense is the non-refundable application fee. The last expense would be graduation regalia, which you may choose to purchase. Each student will be given a personal student account at Andrews University and may make arrangements to charge cafeteria and other relevant expenses to their Andrews account.

Fees, as posted for the current academic year, are:

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