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  1. Application for Graduation
    It is your responsibility to obtain and file an "Application for Graduation" or an "Application to March without completion" request with the Academic Records Office (contact 1-269-471-3375 or Graduation ceremonies are in May and August; there is also a December graduation when degrees are conferred, but there is no commencement ceremony. Persons who take a December conferral are eligible to participate in the following spring (May) commencement. Consult the academic calendar in the bulletin for application deadlines, which are 3-4 months in advance of graduation. The DMin office staff can submit the form on your behalf, but you must communicate with the DMin administrative assistant to request the service; email

  1. Graduation Regalia  
    There are several options to choose from:

    1. The regular black "one-use" robe. This gown is made of lightweight material with a black mortarboard hat, doctoral hood with appropriate symbolic colors, and gold tassel. The price is approximately $100; purchased from CB Grad; call 1-800-433-0296.

    2. Special-order the custom-made Andrews University doctoral regalia (cost approaches $1,000). The robe is dark blue Monsanto crepe with black velveteen and gold cord trim and comes with a hood of appropriate colors and an 8-sided black velvet tam. For Andrews University custom regalia products, pick Andrews University in the drop down menu for Custom School Regalia here or phone: 1-800-552-3228. Order by February 15 for May graduates and by May 15 for August graduates. 

    3. Borrow or rent a robe from a previous Andrews University graduate.

    4. The Doctor of Ministry office has several sets of regalia available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis. If you were able to borrow a robe and hat from an Andrews doctoral alumnus but need the hood with colors that represent your degree, the DMin office has a few extra hoods with the correct colors available for rent. The rental regalia is in high demand, so reserve yours early--several months in advance! The rental fee is on a cash or checks basis only; it will not be charged to your Andrews account. Contact or call 1-269-471-3552.

  2. Announcements/Name Cards
    These are purchased through the AU Bookstore (, 800-385-2001). Personalized and generic announcements are available. Don't wait until the last minute.

  3. Lodging
    The Guest/Convention Services office is open seven days a week. To make a reservation, call 1-269-471-3360, or email Reservations should be made as early as possible--it will be a busy weekend! Some persons make campus guest room reservations a year in advance for this weekend. Hotels are available within a range of 10-20 miles. For more complete lodging and transportation information, see the AU Website at


  4. Transportation
    The AU Transportation Department offers a shuttle service to the Michiana Regional Airport. This service is by prior reservation; call 269-471-3519, or e-mail


  5. Graduation Schedule
    It is a full weekend. Rehearsal practice is Thursday evening. There are ceremonies Friday evening, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning. You are encouraged to attend. Details will be posted on the Andrews website or can be obtained from the Academic Records Office.


  6. Graduation Application Deadlines
    View the Andrews University Academic Calendar for Graduation Application deadlines. (Note: this is in Adobe PDF format).




DMin students are required by AU to apply for graduation in the first month of the semester in which they plan to graduate. Therefore, to meet that requirement, a student have defended and completed the revisions from their defense by the last day of the previous semester. 

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