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What is a Cohort?


In the Doctor of Ministry program, a cohort is a participant group that is intentionally formed and whose members move through the program together. For example:

  •  A group of church leaders from a particular country or region with similar interests in professional growth who proceed through a sequence of study modules together and progress as a group to complete a specific concentration... 

  • ...or a group of pastors who wish to do a concentration in a specific subject; they begin together and move through a certain sequence of study modules.

Be certain to clear all intensive dates for the four-year program given for your cohort as you begin. All intensives within the modules for a cohort are required.

Cohort formation has many advantages. You develop friendships, receive support, and are given some accountability within your group. The quality of the work you do in your project will likely be enhanced by the ideas and feedback from your cohort.

Available Concentrations:

  • Biblical Justice

  • Chaplaincy

  • Discipleship (Available in Spanish also)

  • Equipping Women for Effective Leadership

  • Family Ministry (Available in Spanish also)

  • Growing and Multiplying Churches

  • Leadership (Available in Spanish also)

  • Mass Media for Ministry

  • Preaching 

  • Strategic Coaching

  • Urban Ministry (Available in Spanish also)

If I change cohorts will I have to repeat required
courses or modules?


Yes. Your educational experience is largely an outcome of relational learning dynamics with your cohort and group. For that reason, you are required to go through the entire program with your cohort. Although you must attend the intensives, you will not be registered and charged again for applicable modules you completed at an earlier date (within university time limits) if you received a grade of B or better. However, you must attend all intensives and do any reading assignments not included in the earlier module, and resubmit your project chapter as required during that module. All assignments for GSEM790 DMin Professional Dissertation Seminar will be required to be submitted. If you have taken a module earlier but did not receive a B or better, you must be registered and pay current tuition rates. A module may be repeated only once in this manner.

If I change cohorts will I have to pay a second time

for the same required course or module?


You do not have to pay twice for the same module, assuming a grade of B or better was earned (as described above).


May I substitute a module from a different concentration and

continue in my concentration?

No, since the educational experience includes the relational contracts with your cohort and workgroup, you may not make such substitutions. You may attend other intensives as a guest once you have completed 25 coursework credits.

What happens if I miss an intensive for my cohort?


Intensives are required and the dates are announced long before you enroll in the program. You are required to attend each intensive, and no excused absences are granted. If you should become seriously ill or a member of your immediate household is hospitalized requiring your attention, you may speak to your lead faculty and request approval to do further study to make up for limited contact time lost in the intensive. You will be required to fulfill the usual assignments for that module in your cohort, as arranged. Your lead faculty may suggest an independent study registration if several days of an intensive are missed. Independent study credits are limited in the program. All exceptional situations will require consultation with and approval of the program director.


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