Audioburst Powerfx Plugin With 42 [March-2022]

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Audioburst Powerfx Plugin With 42 [March-2022]




The automotive industry is currently undergoing a change. Digitalization is coming to our vehicle controls. This change will result in more efficient and sophisticated tools for the automotive field, and that means many opportunities for us to improve our performance using the tools at hand. Recently, I was given the opportunity to sit down and interview Chris Hobart, Product Marketing Manager at HIS. For the past 6 years, Chris has helped develop HIS products in various capacities for the automotive industry. From developing new software that can be installed onto new vehicles, to designing new dashboards that can be used in the new vehicles, Chris has been working in the automotive industry for many years now. Heather: Hi Chris! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with me. We’re going to talk about what is now happening in the automotive field, and how the engineers are adapting to the new technology. Chris: Sure thing. Heather: The first question I have for you is: Why do you think automotive engineers should be adapting to new technology? Chris: The end result is really what we want. Most people are thinking about the technology, or the “what”, not the “why”. Why would we want to change the technology? There are a couple of reasons why we want to change the technology: We want to make our lives easier. We want to make our lives more efficient. We want to make our lives easier for the customer. Heather: Would any of those reasons be a factor in someone installing a new software package on their vehicle? Chris: Absolutely. You know, one of the things we really want to make sure that we are a part of is making that technology easy for the customer. A lot of times, we’ll hear, “I know I’m a technology-savvy person, but I just don’t want to go through the hassle of getting all this new technology.” So, we want to be part of the process in making that technology easy for the customer. Heather: Is that the “what”, or the “how”? Chris: Yeah. It’s kind of the “how”. We want to make sure the technology that we build and put into the car is easy to use. We want it to be easy to use for the technician



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